Monday, July 18, 2011

Anonymous banned from Google+ will create Anon+
Internet activist group Anonymous recently had their “Your Anon News” account banned from Google+ for posting content that violated the “Community Standards.” According to the organization’s website, Google also disabled the group’s Gmail account. At the time it was thought that this only affected “Your Anon News,” but it was later revealed that the shutdown hit “a handfull
[sic] of Anonymous accounts.”
After briefly stating that people should no longer worry about being blocked from sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and mentioning that they have organized against Google+, Anonymous made a bold new announcement: They are creating their own social media network, dubbed Anon+
As some of you know we got banned from Google+  due to some of our content. What we didn’t know at the time is that we were just one of a handfull of Anonymous accounts that was silenced. This is the sad fact of what happens across the internet when you walk to a different beat of the drum. We’ve all heard the stories of activists being banned from FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube,  and governments blocking their people from these sites as well through organized black outs. That day has came to an end. Not only did a few people organized an Operation ageist Google+, but we have started to build our own Social Network.

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