Thursday, July 21, 2011

BEWARE for all #facebook user - Fake Flash Player #flashplayer #fb #virus

Hello guys, just now i logged my facebook account and suddenly my friend pm me.
look at the picture below : -
he gave me weird link (aha.. i smell something not right maybe this is a spammer and its not my friend that chat with me right now). As i thought the last conversation the spammer will gave me a link..

" "

then i click that link (nvm i got antivirus - free version that protected my computer.. YAY!) just curious what the hell is goin' on if i click the link that spammer gave me :D

wow.. youtube huh?? but when u check the address bar its not a really youtube .. its totally fake is it?
and this lil bitch try to make me download those FAKE flash player .. haha
if you try the search button i will say " error myrar.exe " (+.+)

well, i download the fake flash player.. then i upload to virus total..
this is what i get

aha... shit detected!!!
dont try tu execute that .exe might harm your poor computer :P

ok then, thats all. i dont know what to explain anymore. i need to care my bby @@
maybe next time i will post to prevent this thing or... something else??


  1. I got that too, and before running into these things, I usually google it first for safety. That lil bitch of a virus sux!

  2. hey can you please tell me how to cure it I am in problem because of it. Please help me I have got that virus.

    Same thing