Sunday, July 10, 2011

Firefox 6 arrives in Beta Channel

Version 6.0 of Firefox has been released into the Beta Channel after being developed in the "alpha" Aurora channel. If beta testing doesn't bring up any major problems then, according to the Mozilla Releases Wiki, the first production version of Firefox 6.0 will be available on 16 August.
A major privacy enhancement to Firefox 6.0 is the new Data Management Window which gives users more control over the access that individual web sites have to their browsing data, including cookies, passwords and location information – it can be accessed by typing "about:permissions" in the URL bar. The URL bar has been enhanced and now highlights the domain of the site you are currently visiting.
The new Plugin Check functionality in the Add-ons manager automatically verifies the compatibility of installed plugins (including the Flash Player plugin). Other changes include improved startup time and the ability to move the Web Console to other parts of the window or even into its own separate window.

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