Thursday, July 21, 2011

Google Plus App installation guide for the #iPad , #iPod Touch #googleplus #ipodtouch #apple

Yesterday was a day of happiness for some but sadness for many- the Google+ iPhone App was released, but Google didn’t include support for the iPad and iPod Touch. We weren’t satisfied, after all, we wanted everyone on Google+ to enjoy the awesomeness of having group conversations via huddles, reading up on their interests via sparks, or coming up with creative circle names for people they don’t like on the go. We did some snooping around and were able to get an awesome tip from iDB that lets you install the Google+ app on your iPad, iPod Touch.

The installation requires you to download Apple’s free iPhone Configuration Utility, download the Google+ app on your computer via iTunes, and adding the App via the Configuration Utility. Here are the steps in more detail along with a video from iDB:


1. Download the iPhone Configuration Utility from here
2. Open up iTunes and download the Google+ app to your computer by searching for it in the app store or by going here
3. Plug in your iPad/iPod Touch to your computer
4. Open the Configuration Utility Manager and select your iPad/iPod Touch from the left sidebar and go to the Applications Tab.
5. Click on the Add button located in the top-left corner of the screen to add the Google+ app.
6. This will open up a file browser. Locate the Google+ app (usually contained in the MacintoshHD/user/*/Music/iTunes/MobileApplications/ folder).
7. Select the Google+ app from the folder and the iPhone Configuration Utility should now display the Google+ app.
8. Confirm that your device is connected and is selected in the iPhone Configuration Utility. Go back to the Applications tab and install the Google+ app, and you’re done!

Source : Here


  1. Using Windows
    I get to step 6 and then it will not show Google+ in the browser and it gives me:
    " applications is not a valid mobile application"

    Any ideas?

  2. Just read comment on another site - doesn't work for Windows.