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[GUIDE][US WIFI ONLY]Android 3.2 on Xoom WiFi, Root, via ClockworkMod Recovery

EARLY RELEASE NOTE: This is for rooted US Xoom Wi-Fi MZ604 with STOCK 3.1 SYSTEM ONLY!!! I've just finished a couple of rounds of testing, and more updates to this procedure are coming. Please proceed only if you're tech-savvy with your Xoom, ready to restore to stock in case of issues, and very impatient. Please provide feedback and corrections, and I'll update the post as quickly as I can. Thanks!

WARNING: Following this procedure may damage or permamently destroy your device. This procedure is provided with NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Perform this procedure at your own risk.

COMPATIBILITY NOTE: I have personally tested this procedure ONLY ON THE US XOOM WI-FI MZ604 with STOCK Android 3.1 HMJ37. If you have a non-US Xoom Wi-Fi, this procedure may break your device. If you have a Xoom 3G, this procedure may break your device. If you're running a custom ROM, this procedure may break your device (revert to stock 3.1 first).


Here's a run-down on the current procedure:
  • Updates the Xoom Wi-Fi from 3.1 HMJ37 to 3.2 HTJ85B using ClockworkMod Recovery (
  • Resolves issue in updater-script: get_prop ro.product.device wingray
  • Updates system partition (stock 3.1 HMJ37 is required at this time)
  • Sets correct permission on su to enable functioning root
  • Flashes the boot (kernel) partition with rooted stock 3.2 kernel (thanks, solarnz)
  • Stock kernel means no extras (overclocking, etc.) from custom kernels
  • Leaves existing recovery partition intact (stock 3.2 update overwrites it on every reboot)
  • Leaves user data intact
  • Includes Android 3.2 support for hardware SDCard (shows in Settings|Storage, /mnt/external1)

Outstanding Issues:
  • Too many steps: Include the edited updater-script, su, Superuser.apk in a custom
  • Requires stock 3.1 Boot partition (kernel): Need to include solarnz's stock rooted 3.2 boot.img and just flash that over whatever is there
  • Requires stock 3.1 System partition (ROM): Need to include a stock 3.2 system.img and remove the checks for stock 3.1 system files

Now, without further ado...

  • You are currently running Android 3.1 with a STOCK ROM/SYSTEM PARTITION (if you are using a custom ROM, you need to revert to the stock 3.1 system image! thanks, bwcorvus)
  • You are currently rooted, with su and superuser.apk installed and functioning properly
  • You've downloaded the modded Xoom Wi-Fi Android 3.2 update v03 (thanks to kurt5510 for the original OTA, thanks to solarnz for the rooted stock boot.img)
  • You've flashed ClockworkMod Recovery (thanks, solarnz, bigrushdog, koush, et al)
  • You've installed a physical SDCard in your Xoom (required for ClockworkMod Recovery updates) and have it functioning properly
  • You've installed an archive program on your PC that lets you edit the contents of an existing ZIP file (7-Zip, WinRAR, etc.)
  • You've downloaded and unzipped the edited updater_script file attached to this post

  1. Rename the modded Android 3.2 Update file to
  2. Reboot into recovery
    1. Reboot your Xoom
    2. When the Motorola logo splash screen appears, press the Volume Down button to scroll through boot options and select "--> Android Recovery"
    3. Press the Volume Up button to enter Android recovery
  3. Perform update
    Note that in recovery, you use the hardware volume buttons to navigate up and down, and the power button to select.
    1. In ClockworkMod Recovery, select "mounts and storage"
    2. Ensure your Xoom is connected to your PC via USB, then select "mount USB storage"
    3. On your PC, copy to the root of the Xoom's SDCard ("Removable Disk" in Windows)
    4. In ClockworkModRecovery (still on the "USB Mass Storage device" screen) select "Unmount"
    5. In the "Mounts and Storage Menu" screen, if the option "unmount /sdcard" is present, continue to the next step; if "mount /sdcard" is present, select it then continue
    6. Select "+++++Go Back+++++"
    7. Select "apply update from sdcard"
    8. Select "Yes - Install /sdcard/"

      "Install from sdcard complete." will indicate that the update is completed.
    9. Select "reboot system now"
  4. Enjoy your rooted Xoom Wi-Fi, running on Android 3.2!

  • Custom kernels: As of 12 Jul 2011 1400 PDT, no 3.2-specific custom kernels have yet been released, nor have 3.1 kernels been tested with this update. As mentioned earlier, this update puts you on the stock 3.2 kernel. Updates will be forthcoming.

  • v0.3: First release of modded, removes check for stock 3.1 boot partition, flashes solarnz rooted stock 3.2 boot.img
  • v0.2: Added su symlink to updater-script
  • v0.1: First release, modded updater-script for manual mod to file
Source: Here
Credit : stachre

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