Monday, July 18, 2011

NEO 11 kernel

CM7 & MIUI only
NEO 11

before you ask for any ETAs:

The first rule of CyanogenMod [and this project]: DO NOT ASK FOR AN ETA!


core features:

- writeback improvements - less lags
- wifi fixes & improvements
- voodoo color

- voodoo sound (upstream)
- docksound support
- updated to
- lots of additional enhanced security features (in kernel + init scripts)
- FPS cap raised for smoother operation + 65 FPS
- printk + android-logger disable for less overhead & better battery runtime
- nofail variants for filesystem initialization - less overhead
- SFB scheduler
- memcopy&memmove - optimized variants for more performance
- selection of several cpufreq governors (interactive, smartass, tweaked ondemand, tweaked conservative, interactiveX, SavagedZen)
- bigmem: 339 MB RAM
- optimized memory handling (via init scripts)
- several battery-runtime related improvements
- VFS + VM fixes & improvements - less lags & more stability
- OC up to 1.6 GHz (thanks to bilboa1, morifc
- SLUB slab allocator (more stable & efficient, [strike]SLQB leads to instabilities & other issues[/strike])
[strike]- BFS scheduler[/strike] (still too unstable)
- performance flags
- compiled with 2011.03 toolchain for more stability, reliability and performance (significant !)
- some other performance related stuff
- touchkey timeout (no led-notifcation) | led-notification (2nd kernel)
- Juwe11's OOM killer settings

feature changelog (from NEO_10):

- re-added autogroup v3 (from Talon kernel) - no sound glitches anymore

- new cwm menu with the option to enable/disable logcat - thanks to vorbeth !
- also possible to do this via 91logger script

- fixed green screen color with low brightness
- [speed/performance] unaligned access via cpu
- [SGS only] working again headset button/controls (confimed to work)
- [stability] ashmem lockup fix (now in stock cm7 kernel included)
- gpu oc (slight, 200 -> 220 MHz); no options yet

- added some text to the install script to tell progress & state of install
- default governors: conservative + conservative

- and several others ...
- wifi + data networking issues resolved

- galaxysmtd [repo synced against ~#54], captivatemtd [-> #55] , vibrantmtd [-> #51]

testing/need feedback:
- overall

Troubleshooting and other stuff:

pre-install preparation:

please run lippol94's kernel cleaning script before installation of a new kernel (switch to or from Platypus NEO kernels)

this should help preventing some bootloops, crashing apps, etc.



disable module loading of Voodoo Control Plus

other governors:

hopefully the explanations in S98screenstate_scaling should be detailed enough to let you change to a different governor

if not let me know and I'll see if I can come up with a package with different script-variations to replace the scripts in the kernel-package

Thanks to zacharias.maladroit

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