Saturday, July 16, 2011

Run Windows 95 On Your Palm Pre Plus

Windows 95 for WebOS.
Travis Antonio Projects.

Hello my friends.

This is Windows 95 for Palm/HP devices as promised.

Is only working for Palm Pre plus for now, it will take little for make it work to the Pre Minus but is just about to change memory things.

This is the first version of Windows 95 for Palm Pre Plus.


*512MB Hard Disk
*Games Included
*Sound working perfect.
*Boot time just 50 seconds (Can be 30 seconds or less but is better to take a lot because is more stable).
*And more!.

This is just a beta version not including graphics or improvements to boot faster or run faster than it is. (Is already faster, 50 seconds for boot time is enough, do you think? Or correct me if i'm wrong).

ATTENTION!. Don't try on WEBOS 1.4.5/ Palm Pre 2/Pixi/Veer. Is not working on this devices because I don't have a way to test it.


1. Install the IPK with Preware.
2. UnRar the Internal files on /media/Internal.
3. Start Windows 95 and Enjoy!.

-To make right click use the gesture area.
-To use numbers use the the Square.
-To use CAPITAL the normal Capital button.

[I]Download part 1:Mod Edit: Link Removed
Download part 2:

After download do not install the IPK of the part 1, just install the IPK of the part 2, if you installed the IPK of the part 1, follow the next instructions.

How to install it:
- First uninstall the old version.
- Install the new one.
- Complete reset the phone.


Normal. Just type except.

@ is mapped to . in orange mode.
Shift + ,: <, .: >

Orange mode ( Press Orange/Grey twice)
Same as Orange + key except.

Sym mode (Press Sym twice)
1 - 9: f1 - f9,
0: f10,
b: f11,
n: f12,
I: up,
j: left,
k: down,
l: right
y: [,
u: ],
o: \,
,: `,
p: esc,
q: tab,
z: pause
Shift +
y: {,
u: },
o: |,
,: ~,

Credit : TravisAntonio


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