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[TUTORIAL]Install Alpha android 2.2 on your wave. UPDATE 5-7

New in this update
-DHCP Fix (which was actually an symlink fix.. but it has been confirmed to bve safe etc..)

About the Mirror Please READ
Please use the MegaUpload links if you can. I don't want to have my monthly data limit (19GB) to be used up in 2 days

If anything needs to be edited or removed PM ME Thanks! (xda forum - ShadowAS1 )

We DEV's are NOT responsible for any damage you make to your phone. You also shouldn't expect us to fully support it since it's still an alpha that changes every hour. And our n00b Policy: Questions asked more then 3 times will be IGNORED. so READ BEFORE ASKING.

  • S8500DDJE7_MAY
  • S8500JVKC1_MAR
  • S8500XXJD9_APR
  • S8500XXJEE_MAY
  • S8500XXJEF_JUN
  • S8500XXJF1_JUN
  • S8500XXJF4_JUL
  • S8500XXJH2_DEC
  • S8500XXJH2_NOV
  • S8500XXJH3_AUG
  • S8500XXJI3_FEB
  • S8500XXJI3_NOV
  • S8500XXJID_SEP
  • S8500XXJK2_MAY
  • S8500XXJL2_APR
  • S8500XXJL2_DEC
  • S8500XXJL2_MAR

What works in this version
  • Launchers
  • Market (including install)
  • Settings
  • Wi-Fi
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Modem (not in this version yet, but we have signal on the M130K)

What NOT works in this version
  • Modem (3G, Calls, etc.)
  • GPS
  • Sensors (This causes the battery charge bug]


    FAQ Will be finished other time..

Okay, Lets get started

Before Starting
Okay. Before you start I have a few simple questions for you which you should be able to answer WITHOUT looking the answers up...
-What is linux
-Do you know how to operate an terminal
If you can't answer one of these questions then don't start on this. You're too low level in this stuff to understand.. sorry

What do we need?
ALL Files can be found at
  1. Bootfiles (for people with incompatible FW)
  2. a Computer running windows or linux*
  3. VirtualBox
  4. a Ubuntu 11.04 CD
  5. Your S8500 + USB Cable
  6. Fota:
  7. zImage and SBL.bin
  8. Multiloader v5.62:
  9. Android FileSystem
  10. DHCP Fix:
  11. Patience...
*= You won't need the ubuntu cd or vBox if you are using this

WARNING: Flashing is NOT without risk. Do NOT do this if your not completely sure it will succeed or you WILL BRICK YOUR PHONE.

Step 1.2 Flashing the BL and FOTA
Same thing here.
1. Open up multiloader, Select LSI and check full download
2. only do this one if your device is ONLY booting bada with incompatible FW Unpack the bootfiles you downloaded and select the folder you extracted.
3. Click FOTA, Select the FOTA you just downloaded.
4. Boot you phone to download mode. (if you don't know how to you should not do this)
5. Click Port search, Download.
6. When done boot bada to make sure the phone works fine. If it does. Continue

Step 2: Installing VB, Ubuntu
Okay, I was told many people have problems with partitioning. This is how i did it and it WORKED.
In this step i will discribe how to install VirtualBox and Ubuntu, If you already done this Skip to step 3
1. Download VirtualBox from:
2. Install it. When installing i Suggest you download and burn/mount ubuntu if you haven't yet.
3. Make a new VM in VirtualBox. Jst follow the steps. If you have 4GB RAM I would recommend assigning 1GB to the VM
4. Install ubuntu on the VM. I'm not gonna explain how to do that, just follow the wizards.

Step 3: Installing gParted and partitioning your card
For this step you should have your phone running in bada USB connected with Mass Storage mode.
1. In your Ubuntu VM go to ubuntu software centre. Search for gParted and click install
2. In the VM window you see the menu, Click Devices -> USB Devices -> Samsung Electronincs GT-S8500 Wave. This will connect the wave to ubuntu
3. Launch gParted and wait till it's done scanning. At the right top corner you'll see a drop-down box. This will list all seperate devices. In my case /dev/sdb was the SD Card. You'll just have to look which one os yours
Note: In this case i am assuming we're using the standard samsung 2GB SD card.
4. You found your card? Great, Now first format the partition(s) and then delete them all
5. Then makethe FIRST partition FAT32 the second MUST be ext2 OR ext3 The sizes don't matter just make the android one 1GB or bigger

Step 4: Transferring Files
Okay, I've COMPLETELY re-written this part due to much changes. Goodluck

This part can ONLY be preformed on ubuntu.
In this part we'll need the galaxyboot files and the filesystem

1.Log in as root on your ubuntu box if you haven't already
2.(re-)connect your wave so it mounts the partitions.
3. Open up the filesystem and move the CONTENTS of the filesystem folder to the root of the ext2/ext3 partition.
4. NEW! Get your DHCP script and paste it in /system/bin (on your android partition) and run it by doing "./" (if it says permission denied or something.. then do "chmod 777" before executing)
5. In the same terminal type "chmod -v -R 4755 ./system/xbin/*" This will make your phone rooted.
6. Make an folder called galaxyboot (all lowercase) in the bada INTERNAL memory
7. Open up the internal memory of your wave and put the galaxyboot folder in there. In there you should have 2 files: zImage and sbl.bin
8. go and save this file as s3c-keypad.kl place it in /system/usr/keylayout and overwrite the existing file

8. Now you should be all ready the only thing left is to open up a terminal and type "sudo sync" (no quotes)

Step 5: Running
Okay, now we're ready for first run. This does NOT mean we're done yet.
1. Remove the USB cable and shutdown bada
2. When shut down press the end call button and immideatly after that you press the start call button. Release the end call button when the screen turns on
3. When you see the Samsung GalaxyS S screen release all the buttons.
Notice: It may take up to 5 minutes for first time boot. As long as the screen stays on everything is fine.
Notice2: In case your screen turns of remove the battery and double check everything you've done.
4.Booted up? Awesome. Pass the welcome wizard. Do NOT type in the keyboard part. This will freeze the phone.
5.You passed it? Great. Now you can continue
6. The phone will ask you which launcher to use. I don't care which one you use. I've always used TwLauncher. it's up to you
7. In order to get your keypad working normal Go to settings -> Text and Locale -> Samsung keypad -> Uncheck all

This is it. Now your phone should function normally. If things go wrong for you do not hesistate to ask.

Good Luck

5-7(2): Added DHCP Fix

5-7: Added a Notice

30-6: Added an mirror for people who have trouble with downloading.

29-6: Added a step for users to get root. (another update comming today)

28-6: Added Changelog section, New FOTA. Removed Wifi Static stuff

27-6: Fixed some links. Removed Unnessecary steps

22-6 Huge Update, Audio&Video Fix. Keypad Fix

Credit : ShadowAS1

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