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[APP] #DrainGuard - Monitor your drain in standby! - #android

We want to introduce our 2nd App - DrainGuard.
German Version

Some may know the Tasker script which I have written for the DesireHD; this was the basic idea to be converted into an independent app. Of course with much more setting possibilities which would not have been possible with Tasker.

What DrainGuard is able to do?
One of the main worries with smartphones is the battery consumption. The fact that a smartphone uses battery if you work with it is quite clear. Therefore this consumption is to neglect - the more it is used, the more it uses and the shorter reaches the battery.

The main saving possibilities are therefore in standby.

DrainGuard should help you to watch the consumption in standby. Standby? The time between a ScreenOff and a ScreenOn. DrainGuard informs the user when turning the display on about the battery consumption. This is quite exact configurable, a 2-stage log file is provided if requested, when a too high drain occurs in standby the user is notified, some values can be displayed via minimalisticText widget.

The intelligence of DrainGuard - the special in it:
It would be easy to indicate "only" the difference between ScreenOff and On and would also be not very expressively.

A small example:
Take an average drain in standby of 1% / h.
if you dont use the phone for 5 hours -> 5% of battery consumption
If you use it now for 1h you get ex. +/-15% drain, in the next 1 hour of standby it DOES NOT use ONLY 1% as before, but approx. +/-3-4%. The battery needs apparently "to calm down" for some time again. Thats the 1st point of Drainguard. This "calming down" can be skipped.

Another problem of measurement are the short ScreenOn's. ex. "what's the time?" “have I missed a phone call / SMS?” or a short telephone call etc....
These short breaks would interrupt the measurement which would not be necessary. The 2nd point of DrainGuard: these short ScreenOn's can also be skipped.

The result of the measurements will be shown via notifications or via toasts (the small popups in android) when the screen is turned back on.

The settings:
* Handling
** Display after: ...the device was in standby for a minimum of X minutes (Ignore before calculating + Display after!) - default: 50
** Ignore before calculating: Skip the first X minutes after screen turned off (standby) - default: 30
** Cumulate: Time which will be ignored when the screen is on for ONLY X seconds. Short calls, short screen ons - default: 60

* Drain Alarm
** Enabled
** Percent: Value which may not be reached when draining - default: 3
** Minutes: Time of monitoring for high drain - default: 30
… monitoring starts after reaching of “Ignore before calculating”.

* Display
** Show toast: Small popup windows in android
** Show notification: Display in notification area
** Only one notification: shows only ONE notification instead of more for each measurement
** minimalistic Text integration: Send values to a minimalistic text widget - !!! in BETA stadium !!!

(choose Locale variables in minimalisticText)

dgTimeTotal: Time since Unplugged/Servicestart
dgTimeTotalType: “Unplugged” or “Service”
dgPercPerHourTotal: Drain per hour
dgTimeScreenOnTotal: ScreenOn time
dgTimeScreenOffTotal: ScreenOff time

dgDrainScreenOff: Drain at ScreenOff
dgDrainScreenOn: Drain at ScreenOn

dgTimeOff: Time when Screen switched off
dgTimeOn. Time when Screen switched on
dgBattScreenOff: Percentage at ScreenOff
dgBattScreenOn: Percentage at ScreenOn
dgMinutesOff: Minutes of screen off
dgPercPerHourStandby: last displayed calculation

-> Values were sent at ScreenOn only!

** Display Value: Show notifications only after reached value - default: 0

* Log
** Log into file
** Debug logfile
** Export log: Export to sdcard
** Clear log
** User TAG: Set text will be written to the logfile. Useful to make reading of log easier. Ex. “WIFI on”, “BT on” ...

The App is available as TRIAL (Free) version in market. TRIAL Limitations: Only fully functionable from 100-70 % battery.


The PRO Key App is available for 0,89 EUR in market. Just install it and the TRIAL automatically becomes a FULL Version.

PRO Key:
Market Link

Please try the TRIAL Version until you are sure, it works properly on your device!!.

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