Monday, August 22, 2011

#Apple looking at having LTE in many devices including iPad 3

Most of the speculation surrounding Apple at the moment is when the iPhone 5 will be released or the next iPad. But there has also been reports surfacing about the company working on having LTE after images emerged of equipment that had been installed in stores. This is continuing with claims that Apple are looking to have LTE in many devices including the iPad 3.

It has been discovered by 9 to 5 Mac that carriers are testing LTE iOS in some shape or form, but Apple also has references to LTE in the iOS 5 field-test application. This may mean that the company has a number of LTE devices, which could be iPod Touches, iPads as well as iPhones.
The devices may actually be out on field tests instead of just in Apple’s development center with fully working units. Any devices would be working using the current carrier band spectrum, which run from 1.4 MHz through to 20 MHZ. There are field test application references that hint at LTE SIM cards, which will mean that the test devices are advanced enough to already support SIM cards.

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