Thursday, August 4, 2011

[GUIDE]Flashing Gingerbread Bootloaders on your phone (with working External SD)

With the imminent release of GalnetMIUI: Twooey, you will need to be on Gingerbread bootloaders.  this is a quick how to guide on how to do it safely.


Files required:

Step 1

Download ALL the packages listed above and copy Lippols kernel cleaning script and the Twooey kernel to the root of your phones internal SD Card.

Step 2

In ODIN, select the EZBoot bootloader as PDA, make sure bootloader update is ticked and auto reboot is unticked

Step 3

Switch off your phone and boot into download mode (Volume down + Home + Power button) and connect it to the usb cable.  Once it is detected by your PC, click start.

Once it has successfully flashed, unplug the USB cable and pull the battery out of your phone.

Step 4

Replace the battery and then boot into Recovery mode.

Flash Lippols kernel cleaning script, followed by the Twooey kernel.

Once those steps have been completed, reboot your phone.

You are now successfully running Gingerbread bootloaders on your phone!

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