Tuesday, August 2, 2011

#HTC Desire, Desire Z get #Gingerbread updates - #android

HTC has launched Android 2.3 Gingerbread updates for the original Desire and Desire Z. When updating the first device, you should DEFINITELY backup as all customizations, including operator applications, wallpapers and even several HTC apps, will be removed. What’s more Facebook app won’t be installed by default and in order to use the popular social network, you’ll have to grab its app from the Android Market. I guess the Taiwanese handset maker had a hard time optimizing this
fairly old smartphone for Gingerbread, hence it didn’t make it available over-the-air — rather it’s a “developers only” release and as such can be download from HTC’s developer portal.
As for the Desire Z, things are pretty straightforward here. Make sure your battery is fully charged, connect to a local (fast) Wi-Fi hotspot, check for updates and follow on the on-screen procedure. And before you know, your QWERTY keyboard-equipped smartphone will run Android 2.3. Good luck! icon wink HTC Desire, Desire Z get Gingerbread updates

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