Monday, August 22, 2011

PUBLIC BETA - CHAMELEON - V11 - #android #miui #miuius


Due to recent complaints about us apparently leaving the SGS behind in development I am forcing myself to release a public beta of Chameleon Development Build 11


- 720p Recording Across all SGS i9000 models should be resolved! (This was a high priority fix)
- Compass working correctly (Sensors now based on Samsung Stock)
- Video Playback of HD files now works correctly (Divx via Vplayer from Market)
- New Themes  (Thanks to Tad, Cold_Fusion & RosieKins) from development.
- Improved OTA Updater and now loads into Recovery after download and install (Thanks Cold_Fusion)
- Auto Brightness working correctly
- Android OS Drain resolved
- Sensors Not Sleeping Resolved
- Improved ISO Settings within Camera
- Faster Lock-on to networks and Improved Signal Strength
- Improved Audio and DSP added
- Latest Android Market Included
- Brand new Kernel thanks to Vorbeth (Question on support please ask Vorbeth)
- Charge whilst off
- Updated to MIUI base 1.8.19
- Removed un-Required files from Stock MIUI (Updater.apk, CloudService.apk etc)
- 4 Way Reboot (and reboots into Recovery)
- Improved Build.prop thanks to Vorbeth
- Improved ram handling and amount available
- Improved SD Media Scanning and SD read and write speeds

Also note we know about the following:

- In Kernel Home button is Select after upgrade!
- Data does not connect on reboot!

Download for i9000b

Size: 113MB
MD5: 006472854d4211965f3094b0f7c017b6

Download for i897

Please note: This version still uses power for select!

Size: 113MB
MD5: 173e4a39984650f7a441d30550dd4a78

Download for i9000

Size: 113MB
MD5: eb1a636f62660ffd539f84fed3e173ea

P.S Remember this is a beta, and we accept no liability over issue that could occur due to you flashing this. We do try our up most to protect against major issues, but this is a beta after all.!

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