Sunday, August 7, 2011

#Websecurify – Integrated Web Security Testing Environment

Websecurify is an integrated web security testing environment, which can be used to identify web vulnerabilities by using advanced browser automation, discovery and fuzzing technologies. The platform is designed to perform automated as well as manual vulnerability tests and it is constantly improved and fine-tuned by a team of world class web application security penetration testers and the feedback from an active open source community.
The penetration testing platform is the only one of its kind. Websecurify is in effect built on the top of a browser and can understand all modern web technologies including upcoming web standards and current technologies such as HTML5.

Main Features
  • Available for all major platforms (Windows, Mac OS, Linux)
  • Simple to use user interface
  • Builtin internationalization support
  • Easily extensible with the help of add-ons and plugins
  • Exportable and customisable reports with any level of detail
  • Moduler and reusable design
  • Powerful manual testing tools and helper facilities
  • Team sharing support
  • Powerful analytical and scanning technology
  • Built-in service and support integration
  • Scriptable support for JavaScript and Python
  • Extensible via many languages including JavaScript, Python, C, C++ and Java
Websecurify uses several key technologies combined together to achieve the best possible result when performing automatic and manual tests. At the core of the platform sits a Web Browser. This allows Websecurify to gain a fine-grained control over the targeted web application and as such detect vulnerabilities that are difficult to find with other tools.
The carefully engineered user interface is simple to use but powerful. All tools and platform features are integrated with each other. This allows smooth transition from one type of task to another and it also makes it easier to work with the complex flow of data, gathered during the penetration test.
You can download Websecurify here:

Windows: Websecurify%200.8.exe
Mac: Websecurify%200.8.dmg
Linux: Websecurify%200.8.tgz

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