Thursday, September 22, 2011

Chameleon Final Version - 13-09-2011

Well after hours of testing, modifying and tweaking we are pleased to announce the Final Chameleon Build. We have went back to our old roots and developed this from the ground up, and we would recommend that a FULL WIPE be done before installing.

The change log for this build is massive as such we will state only the main resolvements we have done.

i9000, i897 and i9000b Change Log:

New 720p bitrates
New Ram Tweaks and Battery Tweaks
Camera ISO Tweaks
Updated miui base to 1.9.9
Removed TouchWiz Support
Cleaned up build.prop
Used Twooey Battery Fixes
Improved Default Theme and Icons
Increased Signal and Network Speeds
New Maxthon Browser (Galnet Build)
Removed Startup Wizard
and more fixes from pervious Chameleon Builds

i9100 Change Log:

Fixed 1080p Recording Issues
Improved Bluetooth Drivers
Improved Ram and 3D Support
Improved Battery and Deepsleep Issues
Improved Camera ISO settings
Removed Stock Kernel and Replaced with XCell
Increase Signal and Network Speeds
Improved UI Speed and Smoothness
Boot Animation Added and Smoother
Dalivk Cache Creation Fixed
Home Torch Button Now Works
Replaced Theme and Icons
Sound and Media Playback Fixes
USB and SD Card Fixes
Updated miui base to 1.9.9
Removed TouchWiz Support
Removed Startup Wizard
New Maxthon Browser (Galnet Build)
and more from pervious Chameleon Builds

Defy Change Log:

Improved Media Playback
Improved USB Connection
Improved Camera ISO settings
Updated base to 1.9.9
Improved Torch settings and LED Settings
Improved Audio and Media Support
FM Radio Fixed and Working
New Maxthon Browser (Galnet Build)

Desire S:

We are sorry, but the Desire S builds have been put on hold due to personal issues, this will be updated soon. Please understand that personal circumstances happen which our development team CAN NOT help.

Thanks and Credits to:

CM team, Zach, Thaddeus, Vorbeth, Lttldvl, Roisekins, Trials, Dara, Bmarko, Xcell, Cold_Fusion, MIUI Development Team, and anyone else we have missed out.

Before Installing:

Please remember to do a full wipe before installing any of these versions, this will help you to achieve the best possible battery life.

Download Links:


MD5: 832a34dcf7182c60c709e95b58b338f0
Size: 115MB


MD5: ef93866f14fb0adf959fe6f2aee226d1
Size: 109MB


MD5: f7912ba49e6554aa5eab4cbb44ab5b7e
Size: 109MB


MD5: af8761bbef983294689443afe711080b
Size: 109MB


MD5: 32edd97b654763d9f56f301d9fbfefa9
Size: 117MB

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