Friday, September 30, 2011

[DRIVER PACK] USB to Ethernet driver pack for #Honeycomb 3.2 - #android

The attached package contains USB to Ethernet driver pack for Honeycomb v3.2
It extends the support of stock ASUS kernel for USB to Ethernet adapters.
This thread is continuation of:

Installation and activation
- Install ZIP package via recovery
- Attach USB to Ethernet device to USB on the docking
- To setup network configuration execute the following sequence from terminal:

Known supported adapters
- EDIMAX EU-4207 (
- Cisco USB200M (
- Cisco USB300M (
- AXIS based unbranded from DealExtreme (
- QF9700 based unbranded (
- Apple USB Ethernet Adapter (
- Belkin F5D5055 (
- SMC EZ Connect USB (SMC2206USB/ETH) (
(Please report which devices works for you)

Known issues
USB to Ethernet is not supported explicitly by Honeycomb v3.2 so there are some constrains in working with these devices:
- Executing 'usb_ethernet' with WiFi enabled is not recommended
- Some apps don't recognize that network connection is enabled via USB to Ethernet

Source can be downloaded from github:

Expanding the driver pack is quite straightforward:
- Add new driver source to 'src/drivers' folder
- Recompile by executing 'make' in the driver package root

Comments, contributions and suggestions are welcome

USB to Ethernet Driver Pack v0.1:].zip

Source : Here

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