Friday, September 23, 2011

#Facebook unveils Facebook Timeline- An Online Yearbook For Your Life

At today’s f8 developers conference, Mark Zuckerberg introduced a completely new and revamped feature for facebook called Facebook Timeline- an online yearbook for your life that gives you a completely different perspective of your profile. Zuckerberg mentioned that this new feature is fundamentally going to change facebook, and to those that spend hours every day on facebook, confidence in this new idea shows that the facebook team has a lot riding on it. If you were wondering what the “On this day in 2010…” past status update displays were being experimented for, now you know.

This new feature won’t be officially rolled out until after a few weeks, but it is possible to gain early access to it as a developer. Users will be given a one week grace period to go through their timeline and clean up their profile to hide any updates that they don’t want to share with their friends. Since this entirely new timeline view is dependent on past updates, those using the service longer will have a much more complete timeline than those that are new to the service.
Without further ado, lets take a quick look at the Facebook Timeline’s features:
Thisismynext takes a deeper look into Timeline’s three categories- Cover, Stories, and Apps:

The Cover

The top portion of the timeline is called the Cover (seen above), and has personal information on the left along with your friends, photos, and Likes. There’s a large space at the top for a lead photo, while your standard default is confined to a smaller overlapping box. It looks tight and sharp, and feels like a book cover you might flip open.


Below the Cover is the heart of the Timeline: a prime meridian with in-line date markers that serves as a dock for all your “stories” — the activities you do on Facebook. While the old profile presented updates chronologically and stacked on top of each other, the new design splits it in two columns — meaning even more stuff with less scrolling. Staggered story sizes and locations make it feel authentic and spontaneous, while large photo previews are inviting as well as click- and touch-friendly.
Of course, the Timeline doesn’t show everything you’ve ever done on Facebook, but in my brief testing it did a nice job of summarizing my past. For example, when I clicked on 2008 I was presented with the status update from when I got accepted to Penn, updates from when I first started at Engadget, and memorable photos from that year. 2007 was filled with even more photos from a summer trip, event history, and the reminder that I made 208 friends (go me!). I haven’t begun drilling down on a month-by-month basis yet, but it’s sure to get nostalgic.


Apps display a completely revamped view of all the applications you currently have integrated with facebook such as netflix, runkeeper, spotify, etc. The UI has been revamped to really bring your activity on apps to life, as seen in the screenshot above. Playing music from the apps page, displaying detailed info on a run via run keeper, or displaying a list of recently watched movies are just some of the features that show the steps facebook has taken to really integrate third party applications to timeline.

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