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[ #GUIDE ] LttlDvl's clean install method for i9000 - #sgs #android

Ok, due to people having massive differences in battery life and others having issues which alot of other folk aren't having, I have decided to write a step by step guide on how to completely install GalnetMIUI from fresh.


Step 1 - Backup of Old Data

Because I rarely ever use backup apps when I change roms, this is the method I use.

I connect my phone to my PC via the USB cable and copy EVERYTHING that is visible on to my PC.

Step 2 - Formatting the SD Card

In Windows 7, I simply right click on the Removeable Disk drive that corresponds to my phone and select Format.  The file system is FAT32, and the allocation unit size is 4096bytes.  I make sure that Quick format and Create an MS-DOS startup disk options are NOT ticked.

Then click Start and wait for it to complete.  This step can take quite a while to complete, so please be patient.

Step 3 - Preparing the files needed to flash

While the phone's SD Card is formatting, I am collecting all of the files I need to flash the rom successfully.  Here is a list of what I have used, with links to download them:

vorBeth's TwooEZ Heidmall Install Package

You will need Heidmall installed and configured.  You can download Heidmall from here

If you choose to do so, you can also use Lippols fantastic Kernel Cleaning script.  It's a purely optional step.

While the format is taking place, you can configure Heidmall to be ready to flash in accordance with his guide.

Step 4 - Flashing

Once the phone has finished formatting, shut it down and reboot into download mode.  Then connect it to your pc via the USB cable.  You'll hear that the computer has recognised your phone, and the flash the ROM.

Allow it to boot into the system.

Once it has booted, remount the SD card as mass storage and copy across the latest version of GalnetMIUI to the root of your SD card.

Once that has completed, unmount your phone and shut down your phone.

Once your phone has fully shut down, boot into Recovery mode, and then install the ZIP without wiping anything, then select go back and then Reboot Device.  Whe your phone reboots, it will carry on with the installation of the rom and will reboot automatically when completed.

Congratulations! You are now running the latest version of GalnetMIUI on your i9000!

Step 5 - Set Up

This is where things become different for all users.  I personally don't like backup app like Titanium Backup when changing between roms as that allows for things to go wrong.  I like taking the time to get my installation set up how I like it each time, without contaminating it with old backups.

Aside from number of homescreens and folder choices (as these do not contribute towards battery drain as such), I will not cover that.

Here is, however, a list of all apps I generically install right from the start.  These are all from the market unless otherwise stated:

Voodoo Control App (free version)
AndroIRC (to talk to the team and provide support for you guys when im on the move)
XDA App (free)
Root Explorer

And that is all at the start.

Settings I Change

Everybody sets up their own phone differently, but here is a list of the settings that I change.  I will only list the ones I have changed, everything else will be as per what is set by default.

Personal > Toggle Settings > Page
Personal > Sound and Vibration Settings > Call Volume = 100%
Personal > Sound and Vibration Settings > Audible Selection = On
Personal > Sound and Vibration Settings > Screen Lock Sounds = On
Personal > Sound and Vibration Settings > Haptic Feedback = Off

System > WiFi Settings > Advanced > WiFi Sleep Policy = Never
System > Date and Time Settings > Date Format = 31/12/2011
System > Battery Settings > Monitor Power Usage = On
System > Battery Settings > Battery Indicator Style = Percentage

In the Noticication bar:

Airplane Mode: I only use this at night when I go to sleep.
Guard: I never use this.
Rotation: Always on.
Bluetooth: Off until I need it.
GPS: Off until I need it.
Lock: Always On.
WiFi: Off when I don't need it.
Data: I turn this off before I turn on Flight Mode, otherwise it's always on.
Silent: On when in meetings, otherwise off.
Backlight: Always set to Auto.

Restoring Music and Photographs

Earlier on you saw that I had made a backup of my old installation.  From this I will copy my photograhs, videos, and music back on to my phone.  If you have any downloaded themes, you can restore those as well by copying them across to the relevant location on your phone.

Final Thoughts

I have just done this when the phone is at 57% battery life.  What I will do now is simply charge the phone back up to 100% and use it as I normally do.  Simple stuff.

First Charge Screenshots! (light usage due to focusing on developing the GalnetMIUI Website)

Source : Here

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