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[ #GUIDE ] How To Unbrick Your Galaxy Tab - k0sh - #galaxytab

Many of you guys are posting questions everyday about bricking your tab and most of you actually don't know what bricking is regarding to your device, in Phones\tablets there are three kinda of bricks which are listed below:

Warning :

Many People Are Soft\Hard bricking their Tab So Please Flash Safe And Read Carefully the Guides in Every Thread. Flash Safe 


Unit does not power up, visibly charge, reach a boot-screen of any kind including a service or "download" screen. A device in this state requires service from the manufacturer or an individual equipped with the proper tools. There is no other way to recover a device in this state. (SpaceMoose1)


Unit powers up, reaches a "download" or service screen, visibly charges but does not boot into an OS. Crashing, hanging etc. all apply here. It is easy to recover a device from this state so long as one has access to a firmware that was designed for the device and the ability to flash said firmware. (SpaceMoose1)


Device wont power on at all or respond to button input.
Device powered off, NO show of big battery icon, even when charger is plugged in. Don't panic, let it charge fully for 4 hours from a mains supply not usb.It will start again !!!. Battery big icon will appear around 30% battery charged, I know because that's what I saw. I didn't check when it's in 10% or 20%. The 1st time I check was already 30% up from no-boot or no response. (cx5)


Here are some steps you have to follow to make sure that your tab will work or will not work at all


Check to see if the device is actually "Hard" bricked by leaving it plugged into charge for atleast 4 hours via a mains supply (NOT USB).
If above doesn't work you will need to send your Tab To Samsung To Fix it For you or visit this link. )


You can easily fix a soft brick by following the steps below:

GSM Tabs : All You Need Is Stock Rom + PIT Via Odin You Can Recover It By the Following Steps :

Download your Firmware from
(extract The Tar From the ZIP You Downloaded

Download Odin From The Attachment (this software you
need to Use it To Recover You Tab

Put Your Tab Into Download Mode by ( hold Volume
Down Button with Power Button )

Your tab will boot into download Mode plug your tab to your Pc\laptop after you make sure the drivers are installed and open ODIN

In ODIN Put In PDA Section ( TAR ) The stock Rom you downloaded, PIT section put the (gt-p1000_mr) attached with Odin IN PIT SECTION

Hit the start button , wait until the process Finish, your tab will reboot to confirm the new System.

In Case after ODIN finished and Reboot back into Download Mode Unplug Your tab and Force it to boot To Continue the process.

Optional : If you flashed stock rom and it didn't work with you , i recommend you to download RotoHammer Stock safe froyo get it from here

Watch The Video Next Post 


Telstra Tabs Follow This Guide (

Verizon Tabs Follow This Guide (

ORIGINAL NON ROOTED Galaxy Tab stock ROM for Verizon.

Sprint Tabs Follow This Guide ( )

P1010 Tabs Follow This Link (

CDMA Tabs Follow The Guide Here In This Thread , Post Number 3 or Simply Click On Here : (

Please Note: If you Return To Stock Froyo And Not Gingerbread Please If you Want To Flash Any Custom Rom .. Consider To Use The Bootloader Patch To Give you The Ability To Flash Any None Official Roms\kernels ( ) .

Note: Do Not Flash Any Rom Is Not made For your tab . read The Dev Guide Carefully Always ..

Note: Do Not PM Asking Me For Help . The Steps Are given , Are The Same I'll give If You PM Me ..

Hope the Information is helpful to everyone, remember not to try something unless you are %100 sure, other wise you may brick your device, its better to be safe than sorry!!

Thanks Goes For Our Mod ( conantroutman ) To Accept This Idea To Be Presented To You .
Thanks Goes For Natious For Helping Me With the Grammar 

Flash Safe

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