Friday, October 7, 2011

Man sues #Facebook over privacy issues

A Facebook user has filed a federal lawsuit against the social networking giant, claiming it violated wiretap laws with a tracking cookie that records web browsing history after logging off of Facebook.
John Graham, a 42-year-old lawyer, is the named plaintiff in the lawsuit filed on Wednesday in U.S.
District Court in Kansas. His suit seeks class action status for the 150 million users of Facebook in the United States. Graham referred all comment to his attorneys, who declined to comment on the filing.
Experts say the Kansas litigation faces an uphill battle since courts in the past have tossed out similar cases against Facebook and others filed under wiretap law, finding such computer cookies are not wiretaps. In those cases that do end up being litigated the plaintiffs typically lose because they cannot prove any harm. Andrew Noyes, a spokesman for Facebook, said the firm was not commenting on the lawsuit at this time.

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