Sunday, October 2, 2011

RUU][DEVS ONLY][For Porting] #HTC Pico [Sense 3.5][ #Android 2.3.5][Sense Zero]

Found this while searching around google. It's a leaked RUU for the HTC Pico "explorer" which is a light version of Sense 3.5 on android 2.3.5 or most commonly known as "sense zero". I thought I would post it up so that you'll can start porting over to the hero.

The Pico specs are rather similar to our phone so it shouldn't be to difficult for someone to port it over, it's also mdpi so no resizing will be necessary.

If you are already considering taking on this project then more than likely you already know how to setup a flashable rom from a ruu but in case you need some refreshing the following will help:

- dsixda kitchen will need to be installed prior to starting.
1. Run RUU and leave open
2. Type %TEMP% in your computers start menu search bar.
3. Search through the folders in there with the long names with numbers and letters, you'll find a zip file named "" in there.
4. Place the in the original_update folder located in the "kitchen" directory
5. From there follow the steps on the kitchen menu to setup the rom.
6. Then proceed to porting to the hero. :]

- Download Pico RUU

Credits to capychimp for posting the leak up.

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