Monday, March 4, 2013

Latest report : #sulu #whatsapp #source

Latest report: gun battle still on going at Kunak n Semporna. Confirmed 5 police death today n 2 enemy die. Reported that some 5k Sulu from Kudat n Banggi getting ready to LD n Sandakan to fight. All petrol sold out in east coast n lots of local sulu bought them to make bomb. Stock some food !
Please Becareful all my dearest frens...this is reliable update as my fren's dad working as marine policeJust received; pls be informed that sulu army already reach sepanggar... I'm not sure its true or not but just be alert and careful for your own safety... Be ready before its too late... PDRM had informed that don't post any news or info about their action in Facebook as this will cause a free information for sulu army to increase their defense and plan a way to attack PDRM... Please share this to your friends via whatsapp... Thank you... Pray for Sabah...(Source: unknown)

Sunday, March 3, 2013

PLEASE SHARE - Kesultanan Sulu menuntut #sabah - #sulu #malaysia

Ya!!! Memang benar! Sejarah telah membuktikan Kesultanan Sulu pernah memerintah Sabah. Akan tetapi lelaki yang mendakwa dirinya sekarang adalah Sultan Sulu & Borneo Utara iaitu "Sultan" Jamalul Kiram terlupa sesuatu, "baginda" atau dia mungkin terlupa pada tahun 1878, datuknya sendiri telah mengadakan perjanjian dengan Syarikat Borneo Utara British (SBUB) dan akhirnya bersetuju untuk "menyewakan" negeri Sabah (Borneo Utara) kepada SBUB dan akhirnya menyerahkannya kepada British (Sebelum pembentukan Malaysia).