Friday, October 30, 2015

Delete all Help Desk Tickets #Spicework #Helpdesk

Hello guys,

Its been a long time I did not update my blog because of too busy.. hurmm maybe.
Ok straight to the point. I been working on Spicework Helpdesk lately and this is how to Delete all Help Desk tickets with the tickets ID will be reset.

First: BACKUP! and Install SQLite manager to your Firefox

Go to your installation Spicework -> Settings -> All -> Backup Configuration -> Backup Now

After finish backup

Go to Spicework installation folder "spicework/db" inside the folder copy and paste "spiceworks_prod" to your desktop.

Open "spiceworks_prod" using SQLite Manager then find table "tickets","comments" and "ticket_involments". Delete all data inside the table.

After that find table "sqlite_sequence" search tickets and comments in name column ,change the value to "0".

Copy the "spiceworks_prod" database that you already make changes and paste to original db folder.


Thanks guys!

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