Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Catching up with the guy who stole Half-Life 2’s source code, 10 years later #valve


At 6am on May 7, 2004, Axel Gembe awoke in the small German town of Schönau im Schwarzwald to find his bed surrounded by police officers bearing automatic weapons.
One officer barked: "Get out of bed. Do not touch the keyboard." Gembe knew why they were there. But, bleary-eyed, he asked anyway.
"You are being charged with hacking into Valve Corporation's network, stealing the video game Half-Life 2 , leaking it onto the Internet, and causing damages in excess of $250 million," came the reply. "Get dressed."
Seven months earlier, on October 2, 2003, Valve Corporation director Gabe Newell awoke in Seattle to find that the source code for the game his company had been working on for almost five years had leaked onto the Internet. The game had been due for release a couple of weeks earlier, but the development team was almost a year behind schedule. Half-Life 2 , one of the most anticipated games of the year, was going to be late, and Newell had yet to admit to the public how late it would be. Such a leak was not only financially threatening, but also embarrassing.
After he had spent a few moments pondering these immediate concerns, an avalanche of questions tumbled through Newell's mind. How had this happened? Had the leak come from within Valve? Which member of his team, having given years of their life to building the game, would jeopardise the project in the final hour?
If it wasn't an inside job, how did it happen? Did someone have access to Valve's internal server?

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

British special forces caught dressed as Arab 'terrorists'

British soldiers have been caught posing as Arabs and shooting Iraqis in the occupied city of Basra in southern Iraq. A group of them was caught yesterday by Iraqi police. They were driving an Iraqi car, wearing Arab clothing, and carrying weapons and explosives.

The Iraqi police were patrolling the area looking for suspected "terrorists" or "insurgents", and they noticed that the men were acting suspiciously. Suddenly, without warning, the suspicious men started shooting at people, but the new Iraqi security forces managed to capture some of them before they could escape. Obviously, if these men had not been caught, the mass media would now be reporting the incident as just another attempt by evil "terrorists" to create civil war in Iraq.

Thursday, June 2, 2016


1. Gelisah walaupun tiada masalah.

2. Selalu berbangga dengan diri sendiri.

3. Angkuh serta sombong dengan pandang hina terhadap orang lain.

4. Tidak amanah dan mungkir janji.

5. Selalu mengintai keaiban orang dan sebarkannya.

6. Suka mengumpat dan membuka aib orang lain.

7. Gembira melihat orang lain susah dan rendah daripada dirinya.

8. Lidah yang tajam atau tidak menjaga hati orang.

9. Suka menyakiti hati orang dengan sindiran.

10.  Berlagak alim semata-mata untuk dipuji orang